Providing Service Excellence

Phoenix's oilfield services, Alberta operations, can provide you with equipment, technology, and expertise for all phases and types of exploration, from completions, inline flow tests, work overs, and special services such as management of critical sour gas wells. Phoenix Oilfield Solution Services can assist in well design; provision of equipment and personnel, including backup equipment for contingencies; development of drilling procedures; training and supervision; site-specific emergency response planning; and support throughout all inspections and reporting. Phoenix’s oil field services allow your oilfield operation to reach full production sooner without compromising on safety.

Well Testing

Among Alberta's well testing companies, Phoenix Oilfield Solution Services offers experience. Our ongoing training programs ensure that Phoenix provides the most qualified and competent teams to manage your well testing in Alberta. Our testing equipment is designed for the specific environment of the Alberta Oil & Gas industry, including inline flow tests, sand and acid frac flowbacks, flow after flow tests, and many more services and procedures, all developed to accommodate the needs of oil and gas recovery among the vast plays of this region. For Alberta well testing, look no further: Phoenix is proud of its longstanding record of safety and efficiency in supporting the operators in the Oil & Gas industry with leading-edge methods, and is pleased to be among the best well testing companies in Alberta.

Production Testing

Production testing in Alberta is what we do. Phoenix offers surface production testing, absolute open flow production testing, and workovers among our many specialized testing services in the Alberta oilfields. Phoenix works as partner to our customers in the E&I industry. Our staff is experts in production testing in Alberta, with years of experience working side by side in the Alberta Oil & Gas industry. Phoenix Oilfield offers leading equipment, experienced and capable teams, and a reputation for safety and customer service in all our testing projects throughout the region. Let Phoenix Oilfield partner with you on production testing as part of our suite of professional, efficient, and cost-effective oil field services.